Free Range Eggs

Raw Wildflower Honey

from Queen Bee Apriary

Handpacked Preserves

Made using our own blueberries, and local produce.

Pickles & Relishes

Hand Packed Jars of Pickles. Choose between Relish, Chips or Wholes. Available in Kosher Dill, Bread & Butter, and Zesty Jalapeno. Also available is our delicious Corn Relish.


Supplies are limited. Not all flavors may be available.


$6 12oz bear 

$10 24oz jar



Seasonally Available

Year Round

​Hiatt Farm

U-pick blueberries ​

Open 7 days a week 8 am to 8 pm

Peaches and Apricots     $2.50

Blueberries and Marionberries                                                    $3.00/pint

Cherries                            $3.50/lb

Oregon Grown Red and Yellow Onions                               $ .75/lb

Sweet Potatoes    $1/lb               

Organic Produce from our friends at Sunbow Farm- Absolutely amazing and delicious!

Slicing Tomatoes                $5.00/lb

Salad Tomatoes                 $4.50/pint

​Bell Peppers                       $4.00/lb

Zucchini                               $3.00/lb